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At Pampered Paws we care for your special pet as if it were our own.

Our family run kennel was the very first luxury kennel in Wisconsin Dells and is the local’s favorite. Catering to over 30,000 pets we have a spotless record. Please visit us and take a tour. We allow tours anytime during our business hours. We want your business and will work hard to get it. Pampered Paws Pet resort offers a full service pet grooming and bathing department. Drop your pet off to get groomed or bathed. You may schedule grooming while your dog is staying in our luxury kennels. Call for grooming rates.

Choose how you want us to care for your pet!

Pampered Paws Menu of Services

All dogs must be current on RABIES, DISTEMPER and BORDATELLA. Non-Fixed Dogs and Non-Social Dogs are an Additional $5 per night.

Check Out Time Is 11AM.

A Daycare Fee of $5 an hour will be charged after 11AM on your departure date.


All rooms are climate controlled with air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter. You are encouraged to bring your dog's favorite toys, blankets and anything else that makes your dog feel at home. Check-in of dogs can be handled anytime during business hours. If your dog is picked up after 11:00am (excluding day care) we charge $5 per hour extra. An Early or Late check in or out can be arranged for an additional $20.  Just ask.  Dogs from the same household may share a room for an additional $30 per night.

Regular Room

$ 39

Per Night Rate Includes

Large Room

$ 46

Per Night Rate Includes


$ 49

Per Night Rate Includes
King Suite (Only 1 Available)

$ 60

Per Night Rate Includes

Exit Run

$ 54

Per Night Rate Includes

Large Exit Run

$ 64

Per Night Rate Includes

Private Rooms

$ 53

Per Night Rate Includes

Cat Boarding

$ 30

Per Night Rate Includes


Pampered Paws Pet resort offers full service pet grooming and bathing. Drop your pet off to get groomed or bathed. You may schedule grooming while your dog is staying in our luxury kennels.

Grooming includes a bath with shampoo selection, brush out, blow out, haircut, ear cleaning, and nail trimming!

Pricing Varies for breed and condition of coat - Call for details.

(608) 254-7387

Day Care:

If you are interested in bringing your dog to daycare regularly, we can accommodate that!

Our Daycare consists of big grassy play areas in the summer months and a heated indoor play space in the winter months. Rain or Shine the pups play for 6-7 hours of the day while here at daycare

Other Services

We provide a variety of services independent of Boarding and Grooming if needed - Bathing, Nail Trim, Teeth Brushing, Anal Glands Expressed, Skunk/Flea Bath, Brush Out, and De-matting, and a de-shed treatment. Call for details.


We only require you to bring your pets food, you can bring any toys, bedding or blankets that make them feel more at home if you would like. But we do provide the bedding for them.

No, we wash ours after every feeding, and we do not want to get yours mixed up with ours.

We require your dog to be up to date on their rabies, distemper, and bordetella vaccines. We do recommend that the bordetella be given 10 days prior. For cats, they have to be up to date on rabies and feline distemper. You can bring in paper proof with the vaccine expiration dates on the, or email or fax them to us prior to their stay.

We can administer any medications that your pet needs to be given during their stay. It is an extra $2 per day per dog that is on medication that we have to give. we can also give insulin to dogs, insulin is an extra $3 charge per time we have to give it. We cannot give insulin to cats. 
Our dogs go outside 5 times daily, in supervised play groups. If your dog can’t be with any other dogs and cannot go into the play groups, they will get one on one time with one of our staff members for their 40 minutes-1 hour of playtime.
Our check out time is always before 11am for no extra charge. Otherwise it is an extra $5 per dog every hour starting at 11am. The late fees do not exceed past $25.
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