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Pampered Paws

Pampered Paws Pet Resort is located just 2 miles north of Wisconsin Dells on State Highway 13. Pampered Paws is a family run business, which consists of 46 indoor luxury kennels. The kennels or private rooms are divided into two large rooms that separate the larger dogs from the small dogs. Each room has televisions, ceiling fans, a couch for petting sessions and plenty of windows.

Upon arrival in its private room your dog will receive a complimentary treat. If your dog is social, he/she will be let out in one of several play areas in a play group several times daily. If not social, your dog will be outside several times daily in a grassy play area with toys and individual attention. Your dog will be able to listen to television and relaxing music throughout the day in their private room. Dogs will be let out one last time at 10:00pm and then put to bed. Dogs will awake at 6:00am and start the day all over again.

Your dog will eat according to the schedule which you provide at check in. Please bring your own dog food to ease your dogs transition into boarding. We do carry a full line of dog foods, treats and fresh baked goods at our Doggie Bakery.

Pampered Paws has a full service-grooming department for all your pet’s needs. We can schedule grooming around your dog’s stay.

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